Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kings for a Day (or at least a couple minutes)

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for the next couple of words may lead you fall from your chairs with a sudden rush of glee or surprise or disappointment depending on what team you like to throw your alliances behind. Are you ready? Then here we go.

Michigan Tech is tied for first place in the WCHA with Minnesota Duluth and Colorado College.

Who said it couldn't be done; who said that these three teams, all picked to finish in the bottom half of the WCHA by the coaches couldn't do big things this year? Believe it or not first place, and sure you may argue that it's after one game, but Duluth beat St. Cloud (it's not NCAA time yet so St. Cloud can actually win games), and CC beat Minnesota, so those wins definitely mean something. Tech beat a Minnesota State team that wasn't actually expected to do much but hey it was a very impressive shut out victory for Michael-Lee Teslak, and most importantly the team looked good and played hard for three periods.

Could the college hockey season prove to be as exciting as exciting as the college football season with big historical upsets happening week after week, or am I just making too much out of the first day of WCHA inter conference games. Well today's a new day which promised to deliver new results, and no matter what those results are I promise you this: don't expect to understand them until it's over.

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