Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reality Sucks

Another weekend, another debacle for our Huskies. After sweeping the DECC clean the last two seasons, the Huskies couldn't find that magic a third time. I personally can't be a reputable source for detailed information on the games, as I opted to watch my old high school team play, but from what I've read, and the scores I've seen, at least we can be happy that it was a somewhat close week, though it was somewhat close with UMD.

It looks like the Bullpups have gotten their act together, either that or the Huskies are in for a LONG end of the season. This was supposed to be a momentum series going into a tough home weekend, followed by a long trip to Alaska. Oh well, it appears the hockey gods are angry with me, as my high school team got dominated twice, my Oilers lost some really crappily close games, and the Huskies took two hard losses to this year's WCHA bottom feeders. I blame it on the weather. There's no reason for 47 degree days in January, so that's gotta have something to do with it. We need some snow to make things normal, especially if we're going to have a Winter Carnival series this year.

Elsewhere in the WCHA tonight, Wisconsin shut out Denver 4-0, UND took out CC 2-1, and surprise, SCSU won again, 4-1 over the Seawolves. Perhaps our lovely conference is finally getting past its huge fart that was the insane beginning to this season. No reason to get too gloomy this early in the second half, but if we can't take care of the Beavers this upcoming weekend, I'd say Mister Russell's gotta start taking someone out to the woodshed, because if this is the same team that started the year, I want to know where the wins have run off to.

Congratulations to freshman Drew Dobson on his first collegiate goal as well.

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