Monday, January 29, 2007

Denver Rejects Escape Houghton with One Point

Apologies for the lateness of this post. It's a little bit of laziness, a little bit of a busyness and a little bit more of laziness.

This past weekend, it was the Huskies' turn to take some points from Colorado College. Earlier in the season, we were very generous to give CC four points in Colorado Springs. And I know it's always said around this time of the season, not only for the Huskies, but for every team.... WE NEED POINTS. In the fight for home ice, it's crucial that we got points this past weekend.

Luckily we did. (You're welcome, Pioneers.)

Friday night was a great showing by Tech! They came out and played like they had been playing at the beginning of the season, which is something they haven't done as much lately. I thought overall, the play was a lot cleaner, the passes prettier, and OH WOW the opportunities that they set up! They set themselves up so many times for goals... but unfortunately, so many times just couldn't finish. I'll blame a little bit of that on the Tiger's goaltender Zaba, but most of it was that the Tigers got lucky.

The first period, just like so many at the MacInnes Student Ice Arena, ended without a goal. But the second period, which is overall usually the Huskies' best period, proved to be just that for them. Alex Gagne and Tyler Shelast each found a way around Zaba and netted goals for the Huskies. The two goals came at 2 minutes and 17 seconds of each other... and just like that, Tech was up 2-0. Though it's a comfortable lead for the time being, it's not a time to skate around and protect it. Sadly, just over 5 minutes later, CC's Chad Rau cut our lead in two. And just for fun, I'd like to mention that there is a Chad Rau on my senior design team. He plays hockey for Tech's club team. I know you all cared to know. That would've been awesome if he played for the Huskies.. then there would be Chad Rau and Chad Rau on the ice. A couple of years ago, UMD had a Nick Anderson... and we all know about Tech's Nick Anderson (an electrical engineer now!) who graduated last year. Our Nick Anderson was definitely better.

...Wow, talk about a tangent...

Like I was saying, so we got this game... MTU 2, CC 1... second period ends. The third period *should* be the one where Tech always outplays the enemy...especially the ones without skating treadmills, as CC is, the last I've heard. Well, apparently CC wanted to win the game too. Who knew! So they put in another past Teslak. This of course forces OT and interferes with our bar time. Now CC is on everyone's pooplist. Plus, it's OT. Who doesn't nearly have a heart attack in OT? The last OT us Tech fans experienced is one that we lost with only 11 seconds left in the game. We're not fond of the extra five minutes in the game, even if it is bonus hockey.

Luckily this time, the opposition doesn't score with 11 seconds left. It was decided that Tech and CC will each take one point. The series would be settled the next night. I should also mention that MTU outshot #14 CC 41-25. Not too bad.

Saturday night, CC found a little bit of defense, holding the Huskies to only 21 SOG. However, in the end, Tyler Shelast's 2nd period SICK goal would prevail. That was the goal people were talking about all night long. That was the goal I missed because I turned my head for TWO SECONDS. DOH!

I've seen Tech in many 1-0 games... but they've always been on the wrong side of those. It's finally nice to be on the good side of that score. And with that game, Robby Nolan brilliantly earned his first collegiate shut out.

The powerplay was still lacking. This is definitely an area that needs to be worked on.. but everything else looked fantastic. Home ice is still within reach!

Also, the UAA trip recap will still be coming. I've just been very busy. Patience is key.

And as a side note, I would like to wish the Colorado College Tigers a happy 50th year anniversary of their last NCAA National Championship!

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