Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quick UND Recap; Post Season Begins

One word can easily sum up this past weekend for the Huskies in Grand Forks: DISAPPOINTMENT.

Unfortunately, the Huskies couldn't manage one single goal all weekend. They put together about 4 good periods of hockey, but had nothing to show for it.

One of the biggest highlites of the weekend had to have been the BRILLIANT powerplay the Huskies excuted on their first up-one-man opportunity of the series. (That was a long sentence.) I am still in awe over its greatness. Besides the fact that they didn't score on it, everything else was perfect... In my three years of watching Michigan Tech hockey, those were, without a doubt, the two most beautiful minutes I'd ever seen. Can't even describe it...

And at the UND games, it was a MeanEgirl first... I got to see my first penalty shot. I must say, I was VERY nervous... and scared for Teslak. Luckily for all of us, Kaip didn't get off the best of shots. Teslak denied it and there was much rejoicing from Section 311.

Two games. 10 GA. 0 GF. Several unhappy MTU fans.

However, everything we've done up to this point no longer matters. Post season is now. We'll be headed to Madison this upcoming weekend to face the Badgers (23-9-3, 17-8-3 WCHA). Looks like star goaltender Brian Elliott is getting back in his groove after his injury that kept him off the ice for weeks. This is bad news for the Huskies, who really need him to SUCK this weekend, so they can be this year's miracle upset.

If the hockey team doesn't get it together this weekend, it will of course be our seniors' last games as college hockey players. But, with all odds against them... If they somehow manage to pull a couple of victories out, they'll be headed to St. Paul next weekend to compete in the Final Five. That would be excellent... as their band is already suited up and ready to go.


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