Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2006-2007 Season Schedule

The schedule for the upcoming season was recently released. Here's what we're looking at for the regular season:

Fri 6 Oct
Lakehead (ex)
Fri 13 Oct NMU
Sat 14 Oct NMU
20-21 Oct Vermont
27-28 Oct UAA
3-4 Nov CC
10-11 Nov UMD
17-18 Nov DU
1-2 Dec SCSU
8-9 Dec UMN
15-16 Dec UND
Fri 29 Dec UM^
Sat 30 Dec HU/MSU^
5-6 Jan UMD
12-13 Jan BSU
19-20 Jan UAA
26-27 Jan CC
2-3 Feb MSU,M
9-10 Feb DU (WC)
23-24 Feb UW
2-3 Mar UMN

^GLI; bold games are home.

Looks like the Huskies will not be going to St. Cloud or Madison this year; nor will the Mavericks and the Sioux be visiting.

Once again, NMU only twice this season, unfortunately. I'd gladly trade the Beavers series for another home and home with the Wildcats.

The worst part of the schedule (to the joy of UMD fans everywhere) has to be how early on in 2007 that we will be going to the DECC. Tech's Winter Break will still be going on that time. Our tradition started two years ago to take over the DECC by bringing around 40 Misfits will come to an end. This season, we must leave it up to the guys to sweep the Bulldogs at the DECC... even though there won't be 40 Misfits there making enough noise to annoy even themselves. The vacation thing won't stop me, but it'll be hard to find 40 other willing souls to go. Guess I better get working on it right now...


Goon said...

I don't know if I really like this way of scheduling games. I kind of like the MTU and UND match up.

I am disapointed. Hey Mean Girl has John Scott Signed a contract yet.

Dirty said...

This really pisses me off. I blame Chuck Norris. He's jealous that The Oshie stole his mojo.

MeanEgirl said...

I haven't heard the latest on Scott. I could probably find out for ya and post it sometime in the near future.

And HAH to the both of ya's! Your team is NOT taking anymore than four points from Tech this year! =D

Goon said...

Meanegirl, your blog is in the links on Goon's world, I suppose you will get some hits from it.

MeanEgirl said...

Thanks, goon. =)

I have lots of links to add to my site... Hopefully I'll get around to that soon. When I do, I'll stick yours up there as well. It's looking real nice!