Saturday, May 23, 2009

Michigan Tech Players Recognized on All-WCHA Hottie Teams

That's right, Tech fans. Some of our very own guys were honored on the RWD's prestigious All-WCHA All-Hottie Teams. Although these awards mean less because UW's Podge Turnbull totally got SNUBBED! Seriously... how can you possibly snub THIS:

YUM!! Makes NO SENSE if you ask me! But sadly, no one asked me. :(

Anyway! If you're curious to see who got what and on what team they were placed, you might want to go HERE. Now.

Here are the Tech guys that received honors: Coach Russell, Robby Nolan, Geoff Kinrade, Malcolm Gwilliam, Jordan Baker and Drew Dobson. And in speaking with RWD, she also wanted to honor Bennett Royer and Alex Lord... but there was just no room. So with the power vested in me (which is essentially none), I place them on the honorable mention list! Along with Brett Olson and Alex Gagne. Yep, I just did that.

ANYWAY, our very own Robby Nolan received a lifetime achievement award for being honored EVERY SINGLE YEAR of the All-Hottie teams. Congratulations to him!


Runninwiththedogs said...

Not just every single year, but FIRST TEAM every single year.

THAT is talent.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Also, there are so many things wrong with that picture. The first being he has two shirts on that say WISCONSIN.

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Goon said...

he kind of looks like Boosh.