Monday, December 15, 2008

DECC the Halls

...That wasn't so bad. We didn't win, but we didn't get swept by UMD! Nor did we get shut out! I'm going to say what I've been saying all along... my team looks fine... they just can't finish. Nothing really new to report there.

Our goal on Friday was a beaut. More should go down like that. Everything was set up so nicely and it went as it should've. Baker was fed a great pass that was able to tip in and up past Stalock. This happened right in front of me and made me very happy. The goal on Saturday... eh, it was down in the other end. I didn't get a good view of it at all. Studly freshman BRETT OLSON got our second goal of the weekend, his third of his career. Good stuff.

Get this... BOTH of the goals that Michigan Tech scored this weekend were powerplay goals! We have GOT to be pushing 8 or 9% on power plays now! Oh! I just looked it up... we're at 8.7% overall and 8.1% in the conference. Not too shabby!

Let's see... other comments I have.... Oh, dear team: STAY OUT OF THE FRICKIN' BOX. We had TWO 5x3 goals scored against this weekend. If we did away with both of those, we may just have won on Saturday with our piddly one goal. Plus, whenever we go down 2 men, it gives me a heart attack. And then when the other team inevitably scores, I get more pissy than I do for even strength goals against us. So uh... let's play smarter hockey and limit ourselves to ONE Husky in the penalty box at a time. Thanks.

So there's NMU weekend coming right up. Oh boy. This is going to be some great hockey.... or not. Neither team is really making much of any waves in their respective conferences. Tech is going to need to set things straight this weekend and make up for that crappy first game played against NMU earlier this season. If we don't get at least one win this weekend, I'm going to be EXTREMELY upset. I worked yesterday during the great blizzard of '08 and for 11.5 hours today so I can take Friday off to watch my team WIN a game against the pukes from STDU.


Boosh said...

Its funny how Peter Robert Casey apparently didn't read your feelings on bouncyball, which were posted slightly below this one :P

Goon said...

Nice win last night. The Real Huskies came through. :)