Thursday, June 07, 2007

THB EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Unveiling 2007!

This entry is dedicated to dggoddard of the LetsGoDU blog. In a recent questionnaire over at LetsGoMavs, for the question "Who has the worst jerseys?", Mr. Goddard proceeded to answer "Michigan Tech." I assume he was really referring to the [now] old black ones, since that may be all he'd ever seen. Those ones are different, I'll agree. Of course, me being a Tech fan, I love them and don't understand how anyone could view those as the WORST in the WCHA. Maybe he has a bias against Michigan Tech. This I do not know. But Mr. Goddard, prepare to change your mind.

Two years ago, the Huskies Hockey Program switched their jersey supplier. They were also looking to switch from the usual jersey material into the much lighter and more breathable dazzle material. They first switched out their gold jerseys. Last year, Tech fans got to enjoy new home whites. This year, the road black sweaters will be changed.

The Tech Hockey Blog staff has acquired the jersey file 2007 and are happy to share it with our loyal readers. Click on it for the full size.

The Huskies Hockey staff and team are very happy with the product and service they have received over the past two years. They reportedly "do not anticipate further design changes for a while."

Feel free to post your comments and feelings about the new jerseys here at the THB. We'd love to hear what you think about Michigan Tech's newest jersey, which will debut on the ice on Friday, November 2nd as they take on the Wisconsin Badgers.


Dirty said...

Will this be the jersey CPZ will be wearing when the Maloney Pony II embarrasses him? Or will CPZ just stay in Houghton to avoid further embarrassment?

F2B&G said...

Pretty nice - the gold thirds are still my favorite though.

ObiusX said...

are we ordering again this year?

Beer Pong Horn said...

I like those.

Goon said...

I don't see anything wrong with them. I love Black Jerseys so they would really rock if I was an MTU fan but as an WCHA fan they are great.

They are way better than anything In RED ala the BADgers.

WinTwins57 said...

very nice jerseys!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice jerseys, but the link said to "click on it for full size". you guys are gonna have some small ass players next year or what? like meanie girl and steve cygon had a litter.
-ned flanders

Jim said...

Would like to acquire a jersey. I like the black, too. Alumni have dreams, too.
Jim Newell, Winter '70