Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2007-2008 Schedule

After a bit of a break, I return to you (via awful DIAL-UP) to bring the good news.

Michigan Tech has officially released their schedule for the 2007-2008 season. Here's what we're looking at for next season:

Sat 10-6 7:07 PM University of Toronto (EX)
Fri 10-12 7:07 PM Northern Michigan (Superior Classic)
Sun 10-14 2:07 PM Lake Superior State (Superior Classic)
Fri 10-19 7:07 PM Minnesota State, Mankato*
Sat 10-20 7:07 PM Minnesota State, Mankato*
Fri 10-26 7:07 PM North Dakota*
Sat 10-27 7:37 PM North Dakota* (Hall of Fame)
Fri 11-2 8:07 PM Wisconsin*
Sat 11-3 8:07 PM Wisconsin*
Fri 11-9 7:07 PM St. Cloud State*
Sat 11-10 7:07 PM St. Cloud State*
Fri 11-16 8:07 PM Minnesota Duluth*
Sat 11-17 8:07 PM Minnesota Duluth*
Fri 11-30 8:07 PM Minnesota*
Sat 12-1 8:07 PM Minnesota*
Fri 12-14 7:35 PM Northern Michigan
Sat 12-15 7:07 PM Northern Michigan
Fri 12-28 8:06 PM Michigan State (GLI)
Sat 12-29 4:06/7:36 PM Providence/Michigan (GLI)
Fri 1-4 7:00 PM Mercyhurst
Sat 1-5 7:00 PM Mercyhurst
Fri 1-11 8:37 PM North Dakota*
Sat 1-12 8:07 PM North Datota*
Fri 1-25 7:07 PM Colorado College*
Sat 1-26 7:07 PM Colorado College*
Fri 2-1 11:37 PM Alaska Anchorage*
Sat 2-2 11:07 PM Alaska Anchorage*
Fri 2-8 7:07 PM Wisconsin* (WC)
Sat 2-9 5:07 PM Wisconsin* (WC)
Fri 2-15 7:07 PM Minnesota Duluth*
Sat 2-16 7:07 PM Minnesota Duluth*
Fri 2-22 8:07 PM St. Cloud State*
Sat 2-23 8:07 PM St. Cloud State*
Fri 2-29 7:07 PM Denver*
Sat 3-1 7:07 PM Denver*
Fri 3-7 8:37 PM Minnesota State, Mankato*
Sat 3-8 8:07 PM Minnesota State, Mankato*

*WCHA game

The above is Michigan Tech's REGULAR SEASON (plus one exhibition game). Husky fans are looking forward to a post season of more than 4 games this year, including HOSTING UND for the first round of the WCHA playoffs.

Starting out with SEVEN home games?!? Too cool! No doubt about it, my studies are going to SUFFER during that time. Oh wait, they suffer every year throughout the duration of hockey season.

We will not be visiting either of the Colorado schools, nor will Minnesota or Anchorage be coming to visit us. That's too bad about Anchorage, but I'm not too disappointed about the other three... except Denver, as that's the one trip I need to make yet...

I would like to be the first to welcome the University of Wisconsin Badgers as the next team to get pummeled in Houghton during Winter Carnival and NOT win the MacInnes Cup.

Last season was a huge season for Tech... We did a lot of things that we haven't ever done or haven't done in a long time, such as: sweep UND at the Ralph, shut out FIVE opponents, win a game (actually TWO!) in Colorado Springs, make an appearance at the WCHA Final Five, and have a WINNING record. This upcoming season will be another season of a few broken streaks. You know that tournament of ours where we haven't won a game in seemingly forever? I need to come up with a claim for that one. You may remember last year where I promised everyone that we would beat Lakehead or else I would get a mullet. Luckily, we did beat Lakehead and my hair was safe. If anyone has any ideas for me, let me know. We WILL get at least one win at GLI this year. Also, do not be surprised if you see Michigan Tech hosting a home playoff game. Do not be alarmed if you see the Michigan Tech Huskies in the NCAA's in some regional site. And for all those going to Denver or watching the Frozen Four on TV, don't be too shocked if you see us there too.


Runninwiththedogs said...

I will expect you to be in Duluth for those games!

MeanEgirl said...

I will expect YOU to be in HOUGHTON for those games! Don't be lame. Take a trip out there and support your freakin' team. You will only have to pay for gas. I can take care of the rest.

And duh I'm going to be in Duluth. :) UMD, NMU, and GLI... the only trips I"m taking. Don't you feel special now?

LetsGoMavs said...

So I can expect you to stalk one of the Mavs this year when they come to your town?!!? :)

I would love to see a Maverick stalking on YouTube!

MeanEgirl said...

You would actually wish something like me on one of your players? You're mean! :)