Sunday, March 01, 2009

Playing Ketchup

Alright, I know I've been slacking lately... and I apologize for that. Work and road tripping have pretty much taken over my life as of late and there is time for little else.

Let's see... where did I leave off at? Woah... at UAA?! UAA, Rohn interview, Huskies Pep Band at the Final Five and whining about the Misfits. This is more serious than I originally thought.

The hell with my recaps. I think they're pretty boring anyway
and you can read better ones anywhere. We all already know that Carnival didn't exactly turn out like we hoped, but we did achieve our SEVENTH WCHA tie of the season, which ties a WCHA record and makes a new Michigan Tech record. UMD Bulldogs blogger RWD has coined the phrase "Tech win" for a Michigan Tech tie. It has certainly reached the point for many Tech fans that when we get a tie, it's pretty much a win. On the other side of the spectrum, when a team ties us, their fans feel as though their team has lost the game. So let's see... this team has had seven Tech wins this season and one real one in the WCHA. Cool. That sounds better than "Tech has one win in the WCHA this season."

You know what I just realized? I'm not really playing catch up in this post. I'm completely just rambling. Oh well, I guess. Hard to know where these blog entries are going to go once I start typing. Not like anyone reads them anyway though.

So we have the Gophers coming to town next weekend. Awesome. The Gophers are currently tied for 5th place or something in the WCHA? Ugh. They're out for blood next weekend, I'm sure. I'd love to be the team that takes away their home ice. How amazing would that be? Oh yeah, and winning on senior night would be nice too!!

Have I already complained about Mitch's Misfits lately? I have? Well... I feel the need to do it more. LOOK at this:

This picture was taken AFTER the game has already started.against UMD. Absolutely FRUSTRATING!! What happened to the days when Section L would be flourishing even during a losing season? I realize that Tech hasn't seen a season like this in quite some time... but come on now. With senior weekend coming this next weekend, I'm pretty sure it's going to be even WORSE. First of all, it falls on spring break. No one is going to stay for the games, especially on Saturday night... even if the games are against the Gophers. The MacInnes will truly be Mariucci North this weekend as the Gopher fans should have NO problem taking over the building to cheer on their team as they fight for home ice. I'm calling on the Husky parents to be ROWDY this weekend! Make some noise to make up for the terrible students at Michigan Tech. Let's try to get some atmosphere in the MacInnes because we know the guys just love that. Sadly, this season's team has experienced very little of it, at least at home (and UAA).

One more home stick salute left in the 2008-2009 season.

Next season will be better. So much better!