Friday, October 22, 2010

Back From the Dead...

...and no, not because Michigan Tech is having their best season start since the early 70's. I know I have been slacking lately, but I've been--yup, you guessed it--busy.

So there hasn't even been any freshmen interviews this year. Hell, I didn't even finish the ones from last year! Any Tech fans want to volunteer to take that over? I have a bank of questions to choose from...

Anyway, enough of that. On to talking about Michigan Tech Husky Hockey. So we're having a good start to the year, it appears. With all due respect to LSSU, NMU and MSUM, the Huskies haven't been challenged TOO much yet... although I'm liking a lot of the things that have been occuring so far this year. It's so great to see Bennett Royer, Eric Kattelus and Deron Cousens really stepping up this year. And how about Steven Seigo? He's off to a great start also. It's also nice to see Milos Gordic finally playing and doing well! It's strange to see Brett Olson not in the top four point-getters for Michigan Tech, but yes, it's early. Nothing is better than spreading out the points...making each line a threat to the other team.

The powerplay has been amazing thus far. The team is scoring 37% of the time! That will probably not continue into the WCHA season, but so far it's great news...especially given our embarrassing past with powerplay percentage.

Next weekend will be Michigan Tech's biggest challenge of the season thus far, as they travel to a very intimidating Kohl Center to face the Badgers...during Halloween weekend. Will Dustin be there to make fun of Badger Phil? Will Shirtless Guy be there to enjoy all the chants that the Crease Creatures throw his way? Will MeanEgirl show up and set a record number of visits from Kohl Center staff and police officers? (The current record is 5 in one game.) Only time will tell.

And for your 2-second viewing enjoyment, below is a picture of me and the ONLY cool Kohl Center staff person from two years ago. Hopefully this year's picture will not involve handcuff's, like that year's picture almost did.